Session 5: Exploration Thinking for the Atlantic Conjugate Margins

  • Plays and prospects that work or have worked in the past
  • Plays and prospects that resulted in geologic, but not commercial, successes
  • Emerging and/or New Plays

Large resource and reserves volumes have and are being discovered offshore Mauritania and Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guyana, Brazil, Angola, and Newfoundland-Labrador. Other areas in similar/equivalent settings such as offshore Ireland, Suriname, Namibia, the U.S., etc. may host comparable resource volumes. Yet geological and geophysical analogs have not always resulted in the expansion of some plays beyond their initial discovery areas, or the successful exportation of those plays and concepts to related conjugate margins. In order to understand the complexities of what often appear to be relatively simple exploration scenarios, we are soliciting presentations that describe prospects and plays that currently work or have worked in the recent past, prospects and plays that resulted in geologic, but not commercial successes, and, how those observations and new knowledge can be integrated to better assess emerging and/or other potentially analogous areas, plays, and prospects. Where do we go from here?