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Geodynamics: Rift to Drift | SUB, McInnes Room, 2nd floor
Laura Bérdi, Manel Prada, Brian O’Reilly, Patrick Shannon, Peter Haughton, and Sara Martínez-Loriente Sedimentary architecture and Cenozoic magmatic evolution of the Hatton Basin, offshore Ireland, from seismic and potential field data
Patricia Cadenas, Gianreto Manatschal, Gabriela Fernández-Viejo, and Kim J. Welford Margin segmentation during polyphase rifting in the southern Bay of Biscay
Naila Dowla, Dale E. Bird, and Michael A. Murphy Full-fit reconstruction of the Central Atlantic
Mohamed Gouiza, John Naliboff, and Douglas A. Paton The role of inherited thermal and lithospheric heterogeneities in rifting and continental breakup
C.E. Keen, Kate Dickie, and Lynn T. Dafoe Rifting and magmatism in cratonic lithosphere: the rifted margin off northern Labrador, Canada
C.E. Keen, Kate Dickie, and Lynn T. Dafoe The ocean-continent transition zone underlying the central Labrador margin, Canada
Malcolm D.J. MacDougall, Alexander Braun, and Georgia Fotopoulos Investigating the presence of boudinage structures offshore Newfoundland using geophysical data
Nathalia H. Mattos and Tiago M. Alves Structural and depositional controls on Plio-Pleistocene submarine channels: the Taranaki Basin as an analogue for North American continental margins
Alexander L. Peace, Kim J. Welford, and Philip J. Ball Tectonic implications of Mesozoic-Cenozoic magmatism on the Newfoundland-Ireland-Iberian margins
Manel Prada, Louise Watremez, Chen Chen, Lewis Whiting, Javier Fullea, Brian O’Reilly, Timothy Minshull, Timothy Reston, Patrick Shannon, Peter Haughton, and Dirk Klaeschen The crustal structure of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland
Olivia Walker, Tiago M. Alves, Stephen Hesselbo, Tim Paraoh, and Marianne Nuzzo Jurassic seaways offshore Portugal: Subsidence history and early-rift evolution of the North Central Atlantic
Louise Watremez, Sylvie Leroy, Elia d’Acremont, Mikael Evain, Angélique Leprêtre, Fanny Verrier, Daniel Aslanian, Nuno Dias, Alexandra Afilhado, Philippe Schnurle, Raymi Castilla, Frank Despinois, and Marilyne Moulin Deep-structure of the East-Limpopo margin, Mozambique (the PAMELA project)
Louise Watremez, Manel Prada, Chen Chen, Timothy Minshull, Brian O’Reilly, Timothy Reston, Gerlind Wagner, Viola Gaw, Dirk Klaeschen, Patrick Shannon, and Sergei Lebedev Deep structure of the Porcupine Basin from seismic refraction data
Louise Watremez, Bruno Vendeville, Tom Detollenaere, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, and Cédric Bulois Opening of the Porcupine Basin – Numerical and analogue models
Jefferson T. Cruz Oliveira, J.A. Barbosa, J.R.G. Magalhães, P.B. Correia, O.J. Filho, Silva G.M. Ramos, and Hewerton Alves da Silva Investigation of Curie-Point depth in the eastern Brazilian Platform: a tool to access hyperextended continental margin model
Stratigraphy & Sedimentation | SUB, McInnes Room, 2nd floor
Abdelkrim Afenzar and Rachid Essamoud Early Mesozoic detrital and evaporitic syn-rift series of Mohammedia-Benslimane-ElGara-Berrechid basin (Western Meseta, Morocco): Sedimentary and palaeoenvironmental evolution and comparison with the basins of the Northeastern American Margin
Erin D. Anderson, Jennifer Lee, and Grant Wach Diagenetic effects at erosional boundaries in the Triassic Wolfville Formation at Rainy Cove, Nova Scotia
Anne C. Hargreaves, F.W. Richards, Ricardo Silva, and Grant D. Wach Seismic and Lithological Characterization and Source Rock Potential of the Aptian Naskapi Shale Member, Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia
Trevor B. Kelly and Grant D. Wach 3-D Seismic Geomorphology of Paralic Channel Complexes, Sable Sub-basin, Offshore Nova Scotia
Kenneth Martyns-Yellowe, Darragh E. O’Connor, Ricardo Silva, and Grant D. Wach The Aeolian Triassic Rift Fill Sediments at Red Head, Five Islands, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jesús Ochoa, Lorena Moscardelli, and Andrea Fildani New Source-to-Sink Paradigms: How to reconcile Deepwater Seismic Stratigraphy and Geochronological observations from the Shelburne Sub-basin with current scaling relationships for fan run-out-lengths
Darragh O’Connor, Grant Wach, Ricardo Silva, Carlos Wong, and Taylor Campbell A schematic summary of gross depositional environments of the Scotian margin and conjugate margins of the North Atlantic from the Late Triassic to Early Eocene
Colm S. Pierce1, Simon Schneider, and Peter Hülse Jurassic-Early Cretaceous stratigraphy of North Atlantic sedimentary basins: A Review
William J. Schmelz, Kenneth G. Miller, and Gregory S. Mountain Numerically Modelling Miocene Stratigraphic Sequences on the New Jersey Shelf
Anthony Scott, Stephen Schwartz, Xavier M.T. van Lanen, Allard W. Martinius, and James A. MacEachern Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems and Sequences, Flemish Pass Extensional Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada
Matthew W. Scott, Paul J. Sylvester, and Derek H.C. Wilton A provenance study of Upper Jurassic hydrocarbon source rocks of the Flemish Pass Basin and Central Ridge, offshore Newfoundland, Canada
Regional Geology | SUB, McInnes Room, 2nd floor
T.J. Campbell, G.D. Wach, F.W. Richards, and R.L. Silva Seismic stratigraphy and architecture of the Jurassic Abenaki margin, and potential for distal organic-rich facies
Mark E. Deptuck Insights into crustal structure and rift basin development off central and western Nova Scotia – a reflection seismic perspective
Nolan Maia Dehler, Felipe Domingues da Costa, Leonardo Correia Gomes, Caesar Rigoti, João Alberto Bach Oliveira, and Marília Vidigal Sant’anna The ‘Helmut’ geophysical anomaly: A regional Transfer Zone connecting Santos and Campos basins, southeastern Brazil
Luiz C.L. Empinotti, Pedro Zalán, and Monica C.P.L. Heilbron Deep crustal framework of the north-central margin of Angola
Lucie Lamourette and Gregor Duval How much salt is there in Ireland’s Porcupine Basin?
Geochemistry & Petroleum Systems | SUB, McInnes Room, 2nd floor
Rob Forkner, Andrea Fildani, Nicholas Ettinger, and John M. Moldowan Multiple Jurassic Source Intervals in the Subsurface of Offshore Nova Scotia
Xinyue Hu, Juan C. Wong, Ricardo L. Silva, and Grant D. Wach 1D and 2D Petroleum System Modelling of Potential Lower Jurassic Source Rock on Scotian Margin
Kenneth T. Martyns-Yellowe, Grant D. Wach, Frank W. Richards, and Neil Watson Crestal faulting as a cause of trap integrity loss and gas migration in the Migrant Structure, Sable Delta, Offshore Nova Scotia
Natasha M. Morrison, Ricardo L. Silva, F.W. (Bill) Richards, and Grant D. Wach Seismic Inversion and Source Rock Evaluation on Jurassic Organic Rich Intervals in the Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia
Jeffrey C. Reid, James L. Coleman Jr., and Paul J. Post Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, and Organic petrology data from the Esso Hatteras Light #1 and the Mobil State of North Carolina #3 and their effect on hydrocarbon prospectivity in coastal North Carolina
Ricardo L. Silva, Stephen P. Hesselbo, and R. Celestino Automated quantitative evaluation of minerals in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Dorset, UK)
Carla H. Skinner, Grant D. Wach, and Juan C. Wong High Pressure Situations: Understanding Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Sable Subbasin
Dominic Smith and Paul J. Post DSDP 603B and BR 93-1: Examination of clues to the possible presence of petroleum system(s) in the US Central Atlantic OCS
Juan C. Wong, Xin Yue Hu, Ricardo L. Silva, and Grant D. Wach The effects of salt on Lower Jurassic Source Rock maturation on the Scotian Margin
Exploration Thinking for the Atlantic Conjugate Margins | SUB, McInnes Room, 2nd floor
Daniel Kay, Jan Major, Jim Harris, Alex Ashley, John Watson, and Simone Agostini Petroleum systems analysis of the United States Atlantic Margin
David J.A. Spofforth, Jordan Walker, Alex Reid, Shona Culwick, and Sonia Williams Old wells – new plays: evaluating previous drilling results to guide current and future exploration from offshore Argentina