Short Course 1

Salt Tectonics of Conjugate Margins

Mark G. Rowan

Rowan Consulting, Boulder, CO, USA

  • Description — This course is designed for those researching and exploring in conjugate margin basins containing, and influenced by, salt. The course content and associated exercises will address rifting and evaporite deposition, layered evaporite sequences, mechanics, thick-skinned extension, gravity-driven deformation (linked extension/contraction), passive diapirism, and allochthonous salt.
  • Dates — Saturday, August 18 to Sunday, August 19, 2018
  • Location — Vanguard 1, Lord Nelson Hotel, 1515 South Park St, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Duration and Training Method — A 2-day classroom course with a combination of lectures and workshop exercises.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides an overview of the deposition and subsequent evolution of evaporites on passive margins. The lectures will be supplemented by seismic-based practical exercises. Topics covered include:

  1. Nature and origin of layered evaporite sequences
  2. Relationships between rifting and salt deposition
  3. Mechanics of salt deformation
  4. Drivers and processes of gravitational failure detached on salt
  5. Different modes of gravity-driven deformation (extension, translation, contraction)
  6. Initiation and growth of diapirs and minibasins
  7. Emplacement and evolution of allochthonous salt sheets and canopies.

Cost: $300.

Note: This short course trip is fully subscribed and registrations are no longer being accepted.