Oral Technical Program

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8:00 am Welcome  
8:10 am Introduction  
Geodynamics: Rift to Drift – 1 | Ondaatje Hall
Co-chairs: Gianreto Manatschal and Kim Welford
8:25 am Mohamed Gouiza, John Naliboff, and Douglas A. Paton The role of inherited thermal and lithospheric heterogeneities in rifting and continental breakup
8:50 am Victor Hugo G. Pinto, Gianreto Manatschal, and Anne Marie Karpoff Serpentinization in hyperextended rifted margin: possible implication for restricted basins
9:15 am David C. Mosher Coastal State Extended Continental Shelves of the Atlantic: exploration frontiers
9:40 am Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
10:05 am Tiago M. Alves and Tiago A. Cunha A stratigraphic record of enhanced subsidence during continental breakup: Do breakup sequences rule over unconformities?
10:30 am Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez Seismic Expression of Mantle Convection to Model Atlantic Passive Margin Phenomena
10:55 am Bridget E. Ady From the Equatorial Atlantic to the Laptev Sea: the role of tectonic inheritance in the evolution and breakup of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans
11:20 am John Dewey The Taconic and Grampian Orogenies: Ordovician arc-continent collision
12:05–1:00 pm Lunch Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
Geodynamics: Rift to Drift – 2 | Ondaatje Hall
Co-chairs: Erin Gillis and Ka Wai Helen Lau
1:05 pm Paul J. Post and James L. Coleman, Jr. Seismic characterization and hydrocarbon prospectivity of U.S. Atlantic offshore Late Triassic–Early Jurassic rift basins
1:30 pm K. W. Helen Lau, Mladen R. Nedimović, and Keith E. Louden Detailed Structure of a Magma-poor Continent-Ocean Transition Offshore Northeastern Nova Scotia based on an Along-strike Wide-angle Seismic Profile (OCTOPUS)
1:55 pm Ken G.McDermott, Neil Hurst, Paul Bellingham, and Brian W. Horn Breakup in the Presence of Plume Magmatism: Implications for South Atlantic Tectonostratigraphy
2:20 pm Ken G.McDermott, Neil Hurst, Paul Bellingham, and Brian W. Horn Hybrid Break-up: Spanning End-member Models Towards a Full Tectonostratigraphic Understanding of the Central South Atlantic
2:45 pm Ian R. Sharp, Simon Higgins, Mark Scott, Ulrike Freitag, Catherine Allsop, Kane Karla, Adam Sultan, Paul Doubleday, Chris Leppard, John Cody, Geoff Rait, Simon Haynes, Bjorn Ove Torudbakken, Tore Hansen, Vidar Fossli, and Adam Chen Rift to drift evolution and hyper-extension in the North Atlantic — insights from a super-regional approach
3:10 pm Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
3:35 pm Thibaud Pichot, Erwan Le Guerroué, Pierre-Yves Filleaudeau, and Luca Micarelli Newfoundland Orphan basin structural key elements for the NE Atlantic opening
4:00 pm Gianreto Manatschal, Michael Nirrengarten, and Pauline Chenin Formation and restoration of the diachronous, polyphase southern North Atlantic: links between the Iberia-Newfoundland and neighbouring rift systems
4:25 pm Kim J. Welford, Alexander L. Peace, Heide MacMahon, Larry Sandoval, and Pei Yang Re-stitching the Newfoundland-Ireland conjugate margins back together with geophysical megatransects and plate reconstructions
Tuesday Concurrent Session
Geochemistry & Petroleum Systems – 1 | Scotiabank Auditorium
Co-chairs: Jim Harris and Paul Post
8:00 am Marcos Zentilli and Grant D. Wach The impact of the Oligocene sealevel lowstand on petroleum systems worldwide
8:25 am James P. Harris, Simone Agostini, Peter Allison, Alexandra Ashley, Rob Crossley, Mike Goodrich, Simon Otto, Paul Valdes, and John Watson Palaeogeography, Palaeo-Earth Systems and the Predictive Modelling of Source Rock Environments in Atlantic Margin Basins
8:50 am Paul J. Post, Jeffrey C. Reid, and James L. Coleman, Jr Petroleum systems of coastal North Carolina: What we know, what we think we know, and the range of uncertainty in the interpretation of geochemical data
9:15 am G. Todd Ventura, R. Andrew MacRae, Yaisa Owino, and Matthew R. Stimson Marine Influence and other Controls on Organic Matter Preservation in Langsettian, Carboniferous Lacustrine Source Rocks of the Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada
9:40 am Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
10:05 am Georgia Pe-Piper Diagenetic cements in sandstones of the Scotian Basin: a record of fluid circulation and thermal evolution
10:30 am Emerson Marfisi, Francky Saint-Ange, Laurent Cuilhe, Adam MacDonald, and Matt Luheshi Petroleum System Modeling Offshore Nova Scotia: An insight on its Hydrocarbon Potential
10:55 am Martin Fowler, Jamie Webb, Adam Macdonald, and Matt Luheshi Evidence for Active Petroleum Systems on the deep-water Scotian Slope
11:20 am Ricardo L. Silva, Grant D. Wach, Luis V. Duarte, Juan Gómez, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Driss Sadki, João G.Mendonça Filho, Bruno Rodrigues, and Darragh O’Connor Lower Jurassic organic matter preservation events in the central and north Atlantic conjugate margins
11:45 am Ian Davison Ian and D. Wallace Post-rift potential source rock correlations and prospectivity of the deep
Atlantic conjugate margins, south of the Walvis Ridge
12:10–1:25 pm Lunch Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
Geochemistry & Petroleum Systems – 2 | Scotiabank Auditorium
Co-chairs: Rob Forkner, Martin Fowler, and Holly Stein
1:30 pm Holly J. Stein and Judith L. Hannah Fluids implicated in hydrocarbon migration: Identifying the perpetrators in rifted margins
1:55 pm Alexandra J. Ashley, Jim P. Harris, Simon Otto, John Watson, Simone Agostini, Mike Goodrich, Paul Valdes, and Alexandros Avdis High Resolution Regional Earth Systems Modelling in the Predictive Mapping of Reservoir and Source Rock Environments in the Late Permian North Atlantic
2:20 pm Michael Hanrahan, Kara English, James P. Armstrong, and Ian Atkinson The Results of a Major Source Rocks and Oils Study of the North Atlantic Conjugate Margin with a Focus on Offshore Ireland
2:45 pm D.H.C. Wilton, M. Feely, A. Costanzo, J. Hunt, and D. Norris MLA-SEM analysis of well cuttings from Newfoundland and Labrador offshore basins
3:10 pm Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
3:35 pm Alcide Thébault, Erwan Le Guerroué, Pierre-Yves Filleaudeau, Guillermo Perez-Drago, Luca Micarelli, Paul Jermannaud, and Marie Callies A New Kinematic Tool for Petroleum System Modeling in Structurally Complex Margins: Application to the Chidley Basin, Labrador, Canada
4:00 pm Alessandra Costanzo, J. Hunt, M. Feely, D.H. Wilton, and D. Norris Hydrocarbon and aqueous fluid inclusion signatures in well cuttings from Newfoundland and Labrador offshore basins
4:25 pm Hewerton Alves Da Silva, Jose Antonio Barbosa, Jose Correia Filho Osvaldo, Bruno Varela Buarque and Jefferson Tavares Cruz Oliveira Oil Seepage Mapping in the Pernambuco Plateau: Accessing the Structural Control on Hydrocarbons Migration and Accumulation
Tuesday Concurrent Session
Stratigraphy & Sedimentation – 1 | Ondaatje Hall
Co-chairs: Shane Tyrrell and Lynn T. Dafoe
8:00 am Jess Franklin, Shane Tyrrell, Andrew Morton, and Chris Mark Sand Supply to the Slyne Basin, Offshore Western Ireland – insights into Triassic Palaeogeography of the Northwest Atlantic Margin
8:25 am Martin Nauton-Fourteu, Bébhinn Anders, Shane Tyrrell, and Andrew Morton Sand supply to a mid-Carboniferous basin, western Ireland – implications for pre-Atlantic paleogeography
8:50 am Anthony Scott, Stepehn Schwartz, Xavier M.T. van Lanen, Allard W. Martinius, and James A. MacEachern Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems and Sequences, Flemish Pass Extensional Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada
9:15 am Aoife Blowick, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J.W. Piper, and Shane Tyrrell Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Sand Supply in the Scotian Basin: Insights from Pb isotopic fingerprints
9:40 am Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
10:05 am Marta Barbarano, John Martin, David A. Riley, and Tim Pearce Chemostratigraphy and sedimentary provenance analysis for the Jeanne d’Arc and Flemish Pass basins, Grand Banks, East Coast Canada
10:30 am Lynn T. Dafoe, Kate Dickie, and Graham Williams A clinoform trajectory model for Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic sedimentation on the Labrador-Baffin Island Margins
10:55 am Shane Tyrrell, Aron Barry, Kerryming Sun, David Chew, Aoife Blowick, Jess Franklin, Martin Nauton-Fourteu, Bébhinn Anders, Andrew Morton, Xavier Monteys, Nathan Cogné, Peter D.W. Haughton, J. Stephen Daly, and Patrick M. Shannon Sources, sand provenance and supply to North Atlantic margin basins during the Early Cretaceous
11:20 am Ana Bento, Sean Pyman, Jim Fenton, Alex Fowler, and Jim Harris Portugal: A Biostratigraphic and Seismically Integrated Approach to Understanding The North Atlantic Conjugate Margins
11:45 am Bébhinn Anders, Martin Nauton-Fourteu, Shane Tyrrell, John Murray, and John R. Graham Reconstructing the Carboniferous Paleogeography of the NE Atlantic Margin using provenance tools
12:10–1:25 pm Lunch Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
Stratigraphy & Sedimentation – 2 | Ondaatje Hall
Co-chairs: Stephen Hesselbo and Geogia Pe-Piper
1:30 pm Darragh O’Connor, Ricardo Silva, and Grant Wach Sedimentological evidence for Late Triassic (Rhaetian) marine incursion in the Central Atlantic Scotian Margin
1:55 pm Stephen P. Hesselbo, and the JET Project Science party Early Jurassic Earth System and Timescale project (JET); Towards an Integrated stratigraphy for the Early Jurassic based on the Mochras borehole, Cardigan Bay, Wales
2:20 pm Christopher R. Sangster, Nicolas Hawie, Georgia Pe-Piper, Francky Saint-Ange, and David J.W. Piper Application of Predictive Modeling to the Lower Cretaceous Sedimentary Sequences of the Central Scotian Basin
2:45 pm Masoud Aali, Mladen Nedimovic, Gregory Mountain, Craig S. Fulthorpe, James Austin, Bill Richards, and Neil Watson Testing sequence stratigraphic models through high-resolution 3D seismic imaging of Miocene foresets on the New Jersey shallow shelf
3:10 pm Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
3:35 pm Aude Duval-Arnould, N. Al-Sinawi, S. Schröder, C. Hollis, and J. Redfern Facies, stratigraphic evolution and dolomitization of the Jurassic carbonate system, Agadir-Essaouira Basin, Morocco: an outcrop analogue for the Central Atlantic Margin
4:00 pm Kenneth G. Miller, James V. Browning, James D. Wright, and William J. Schmelz Influence of global mean sea level and mantle dynamic topography variations on passive-aggressive continental margins
4:25 pm R. Andrew MacRae, and Stephen K. Rankin A palynological Triassic-Jurassic boundary section in the salt-bearing Argo F-38 well, Orpheus Graben, Offshore Nova Scotia
4:50 pm Dave Keighley and Chris McFarlane Uranium-lead dating of lacustrine microbialites and other carbonates using LA-ICP-MS
Wednesday Concurrent Session
Exploration Thinking for the Atlantic Conjugate Margins – 1 | Ondaatje Hall
Co-chairs: Karyna Rodriguez and Colin Grant
8:00 am D.A. Paton, P. Markwick, M. Gouiza, E. Mortimer, and K. Rodriguez How conjugate margins enhance our understanding of lithospheric processes while reducing risk in frontier exploration
8:25 am Richard C. Whittaker Understanding the characteristics of hyperextended margins to model and predict new hydrocarbon plays in Atlantic deep water provinces
8:50 am Colin G. Grant, Sanjoy Ghosh, Phil Thompson, Rob Staples, and Afra Antonini Deepwater Exploration along the West Africa Transform Margin: A Retrospective and an Outlook
9:15 am Sam Green and Alexander P. Edwards Building a Geological-Pressure Model using Global Analogues
9:40 am Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
10:05 am Paul J. Post and James L. Coleman, Jr. Using old seismic and new analogs to evaluate U.S. Atlantic offshore oil and gas prospectivity
10:30 am Daniel Kay, Jan Major, Jim Harris, Alex Ashley, John Watson, and Simone Agostini Petroleum systems analysis of the United States Atlantic Margin
10:55 am Emily A. Firth Predicting clastic plays on the US Eastern Seaboard — does the North- West African margin offer insight into potential plays?
11:20 am Alexander Kurobasa, Ian Davison, and Helen Doran Correlating the Albian magmatic rift across the Sergipe-Alagoas and North Gabon conjugate margin implications for source rocks above SDRs
11:45 am Jean-Pierre Loule, Francis Jifon, Serge Edouard Angoua Biouele, Ponce Nguema, David Spofforth, Daniel Carruthers, Carl Watkins, and Joe Johnston An opportunity to re-evaluate the petroleum potential of the Douala Basin, Cameroon
12:10–1:25 pm Lunch Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
Exploration Thinking for the Atlantic Conjugate Margins – 2 | Ondaatje Hall
Co-chairs: Ian Davison and John Cody
1:30 pm Grant D. Wach, Ricardo Silva, Juan C. Wong, Natasha Morrison, Taylor J. Campbell, Trevor B. Kelly, Carla H. Skinner, Kenneth T. Yellow-Martyn, Darragh E. O’Connor, Anne C. Hargreaves, Charlie Carlisle, Leslie Eliuk, Xinyue Hu, Maya Soukup, and Philip Sedore Overview of the Petroleum Systems of the Central Atlantic Margin
1:55 pm Francky Saint-Ange, Nicolas Hawie, Emerson Marfisi, Colletta Bernard, Sava Dimitri, Laurent Cuilhe, Adam MacDonald, and Matt Luheshi Exploration well failures and reservoir distribution along the Scotian Slope (Eastern Canada)
2:20 pm Randolph G. Hiscock and Adam MacDonald Untested Plays in Deepwater Nova Scotia – Analogs to Successes along the Circum-Atlantic Margin
2:45 pm Erin Gillis, Richard Wright, David McCallum, Leona Stead, and Victoria Mitchell New Insights on Prospectivity of the eastern Orphan Basin, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
3:10 pm Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
Co-chairs: Ian Davison, John Cody, and Christopher S. Swezey
3:35 pm Erwan Le Guerroué, Paul Jermannaud, Pierre-Yves Filleaudeau, Guillermo Perez-Drago, Pierre-Yves Chenet, Erin Gillis, Victoria Mitchell, Nicholas Montevecchi, and Richard Wright Exploration of the Chidley Basin, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
4:00 pm Christopher S. Swezey, John T. Haynes, and Paul C. Hackley The Carboniferous (Namurian) Clare Shale: A Possible Petroleum System in Western Ireland
4:25 pm João Casacão, Susana Fernandes, Francisco Silva, and João Rocha Frontier exploration in the Peniche Basin (West Iberia Margin): New insights from recent 3D seismic and Grav-Mag modeling
4:50 pm Charles A. Sternbach Exploration Creativity in the Golden Age of Super Basins
Wednesday Concurrent Session
Regional Geology – 1 | Scotiabank Auditorium
Co-chairs: Mark Deptuck and Francky Saint-Ange
8:00 am Pablo Cervantes, Paul Whitehouse, Tim Grow, Patrick Loureiro, and Roy Fitzsimmons Early Rift Architecture and the Creation of Accommodation Space: Insights from the Nova Scotia Margin, Atlantic Canada
8:25 am David J.W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, Isabel Chavez, and Meng Tang Sequential hyperextension, continental faulting and the evolution of drainage systems, southeastern Canadian margin
8:50 am Joseph K. Goode, Andrei Belopolsky, Tim Grow, and Paul Whitehouse Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Eastern Brazilian Margin – Oblique Rifting with an Igneous Overprint
9:15 am Patricia Cadenas, Gianreto Manatschal, Gabriela Fernández-Viejo, and J. Kim Welford Margin segmentation during polyphase rifting in the southern Bay of Biscay
9:40 am Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
10:05 am Manel Prada, Louisie Watremez, Chen Chen, Lewis Whiting, Javier Fullea, Brian M. O’Reilly, Timothy A. Minshull, Timothy J. Reston, Parick Shannon, Peter Haughton,
and Dirk Klaeschen
The crustal structure of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland
10:30 am Karyna Rodriguez and Neil Hodgson Southern Atlantic Deep Water Regional Source Rock Evaluation
10:55 am Mark G. Rowan Enigmatic aspects of the early history of the southern Gulf of Mexico margin
11:20 am Carole C. Decalf, Charles H. Bondurant, and Philip Bunting Salt Sediment interaction in the Central Basin of the Nova Scotia Passive Margin, Offshore Eastern Canada
11:45 am Simon F. Greenfield and Anne McAfee Reservoir quality controls in syn-rift facies of North Atlantic margin basins, offshore Newfoundland and SW Ireland
12:10–1:25 pm Lunch Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
Regional Geology – 2 | Scotiabank Auditorium
Co-chairs: Jonathan Redfern and Adam MacDonald
1:30 pm Asdrúbal J. Bernal, Rainer Tonn, Enrique Novoa, and Bo Søderstrøm Structural Style and Fault Evolution in the Greater Bay du Nord Area, Flemish Pass Basin, Offshore Newfoundland
1:55 pm Jonathan Redfern, Tim Luber, Remi Charton, Luc Bulot, and Giovanni Bertotti Examining controls on sediment delivery into a passive continental margin: a 200Myr source-to-sink record on the Moroccan Atlantic Margin
2:20 pm Emmanuel Roquette, Stefan Schröder, Tim Luber, Shane Tyrrell, and Jonathan Redfern Source-to-sink: tracking the provenance of Lower Cretaceous reservoirs in the Essaouira-Agadir Basin (EAB), Moroccan Atlantic margin
2:45 pm Leslie S. Eliuk A Continental-scale Delta’s Effect on the North End of a Jurassic- Cretaceous Gigaplatform: The Abenaki Carbonate-Sable Delta Study a Decade or so Later, Offshore Nova Scotia
3:10 pm Refreshment Break Geological/Geophysical Data Room(s) and Poster Session open
3:35 pm Lorena Moscardelli, Jesús Ochoa, Ian Lunt, and Laura Zahm Mixed Siliciclastic – Carbonate Systems and their Impact for the Development of the Nova Scotian Continental Margin
4:00 pm Irena Schulten, David C. Mosher, David J.W. Piper, and Sebastian Krastel Fault-controlled submarine mass failure in the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake